This section enumerates a few of the benefits of some selected vegetables that are commonly used in Indian Veg cuisine.


1. It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes as well as cancer.
2. It helps in controlling Blood Pressure.
3. It helps in ease constipation.


1. They are very rich in Vitamin C.
2. They help regulate heart rate and blood pressure.
3. It is believed it can reduce LDL Cholesterol levels.


1. It is highly nutritious and at the same time low on calories./
2. It helps in fighting common cold.
3. It helps reduce blood pressure.
4. It helps improve bone heath.


1. It helps treat nausea.
2. It can help with osteoarthritis.
3. It helps lower blood sugar and reduces the risk of heart disease.
4. It can help treat chronic indigestion.
5. It can help reduce menstrual pain.