Paneer Butter Masala is the equivalent of Chicken Butter Masala in Vegetarian Menu. Any Paneer dish is considered special in a veg. menu.

Paneer Butter Masala



Serves 8-10

Butter: 300 gms. + 50 gms.
Onion: 500 gms.
Ginger Paste: 25 gms.
Garlic Paste: 25 gms.
Tomatoes: 300 gms.
Paneer: 500 gms.
Cashew Nuts: 25 gms.
Tomato Sauce: 50 gms.
Salt to taste
Kasuri Methi: 10 gms.


Finely chop the onions.
Tomatoes should be nice and fully ripe.
Make tomato puree: Bring water to boil. Switch off the stove. Immerse the tomatoes in the boiled
water, cover and keep the tomatoes soaked for half an hour then remove the skin and grind the peeled
tomatoes in a mixer grinder, strain and use the puree as instructed below.
Make a fine paste of cashew nuts.
Cut Paneer into small pieces and fry in 300 gms of butter till the edges become light golden brown.Keep the balance butter aside.

Fry the chopped onions till light it becomes light golden brown.
Add the ginger and garlic pastes and fry well.
Add tomato puree.
Add the pre-fried Paneer cubes.
Add the required quantity of water.
Add the cashew nut paste and again adjust the consistency of the gravy with water.
Add tomato sauce.
Cook on a low flame till oil separates.
Add the 50 gms of butter, kasuri methi and mix, switch off the gas and cover the vessel.
Serve the Paneer Butter Masala, garnishing with grated cheese/paneer and finely chopped coriander leaves.

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