Nawabi Halwa is a variation of the Hyderabadi Sweet, Double ka Meetha. I modified this dessert so that for catering purposes it became easier to serve. It is a rich sweet that is generally served along with Biryani at weddings.

Nawabi Halwa



Serves 25-20 persons

Bread: 200 gms. (6-7 slices of sandwich bread)
Milk: 1.5 litres
Dalda (saturated vegetable fat): 500 gms. (Pure Ghee can be used instead of Dalda)
Sugar: 400 gms.
Khoa(sweet): 200 gms
Almonds: 50 gms
Cashew Nut: 50 gms.


Grind the almonds and cashew nuts into a coarse powder (such
that there a few big pieces).
Boil the milk.
Cut each bread slice into 4 pieces.
Heat the dalda in a kadai.
Fry the bread pieces in the dalda to golden brown color
(not very dark).
Strain the dalda from the fried bread pieces and soak them
in the previously boiled milk.
Transfer the balance dalda to a cooking vessel keeping the flame low.
Add the ground almonds and cashew nuts.
Add the sweet khoa and mix well.
Add sugar. Mix well.
Add the soaked bread with milk.
Keep stirring while maintaining the low flame, till oil separates.
You can garnish it with thin slices of almonds and cashew nuts and serve the rich Nawabi Halwa.

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