Modified Atmosphere Packaging can also be referred to as Controlled Atmosphere Packaging. This can be achieved by controlling the composition of the atmosphere inside a packed container.  Controlling of the atmosphere is achieved by flushing a gas or mixture of two or more gasses in predetermined proportions. Thus, what we are doing is substituting the atmospheric air inside the container with a controlled mixture of gasses.

The optimum conditions required vary from product to product depending basically on their moisture content. Moisture content helps in arriving at the “Water Activity” of the product concerned. “Water Activity” of the product determines the suitability of this technology.

Modified atmospheric packaging can be used for Ready Meals, Dry Fruits, low water activity dairy and non-dairy sweets, ready to cook mixes and savory products.

Ideally, the process involves:
Product filling
Exposing the package to UV
Flushing the gas and sealing
UV exposure.

Major Advantages of Modified Atmosphere Packaging:

Achieve longer durability of perishable food/decrease spoilage
Reduce the growth of microbes
The product retains its form and texture
The product retains its vitamin content, taste as well as fat content
The natural color of the product is retained.
The need to use preservatives is greatly reduced
The longer shelf life make the product economical, helps you expand the distribution network

Gases required for Modified Atmospheric Packaging:

Carbon Dioxide

Type of Packaging Material Required:

Packaging material must have high gas barrier properties. If you are using rigid containers proper sealing film(with barrier properties) has to be used.

Type of Machinery Required:

Pressurized sealing machine with provision for gas flushing.
modified atmosphere packaging

Additional Gadgets Required:

Gas Mixer(preferred)
Gas Analyzer.

Applications of Modified Atmospheric Packaging:

Low moisture Indian Sweets, Bakery Products, Dehydrated Products, Dry fruits & nuts, Ready Meals, Cheese, Fresh Meat and Fish, Fruits and Vegetables.
Ready Meals that have low moisture content like Biryani can benefit from this technology.

Products Ready for Commercialisation:

Kaju Katli, Ladoos, Pedas, Barfis, Grated Coconut, Mysore Pak