Milk & Milk Products

Milk & Milk Products are important ingredients in Indian Cuisine.  Many Indian Desserts use a variety of  milk products to give us mouth-watering sweets that have won the hearts of not only Indians but sweet lovers the world over.


1. Being rich in Calcium, it helps maintain healthy and strong bones.
2. Being rich in Vitamin D helps in the absorption of Calcium b y the body.
3. It improves dental health.
4. It helps in re-hydration.
5. Adequate quantity of milk can help lower the risk of ischemic heart disease.


1. Eating curds regularly helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.
2. It boosts immunity.
3. It improves digestion
4. It eliminates dandruff.
5. It improves your skin.
6. It is very useful for those suffering from lactose intolerance.
7. It can help you release stress and anxiety.


1. It keeps hunger at bay.
2. It ensures stronger teeth.
3. It helps burn more fat.
4. It helps protect against heart disease.
5. It helps improve the health of bones.
6. It does improve biological functions.
7. It can help in weight loss regime.