Herbs form an integral part of most Indian Cooking Recipes.  We are listing below few of the health benefits of Herbs that are commonly used.


1. Helps treat pimples and scars when the a mixture of coriander leaves and lime juice is applied to the affected spot.
2. Being rich in Iron, they are very useful iron supplement.
3. Proves very useful in weight loss regimen.
4. Juice of coriander leaves mixed with honey can help cure your respiratory issues. It can also improve your brain efficiency.
5. Chewing these leaves regularly can keep foul smell away and also prevent tooth decay.


1. Mint leaves can help in relieving some allergy symptoms.
2. They serve as a very good digestive aid.
3. They can also help fight cancer.
4. They help increase the effectiveness of medication taken for yeast infections.
5. Freshly crushed mint leaves will help you fight nausea and headaches
6. Mint Juice works as a wonderful skin cleanser.


1. Curry Leaves give a distinct aroma to your food besides making it healthy and tasty.
2. They have numerous herbal properties.
3. They have anti-diarrheal properties.
4. Major benefit of Curry Leaves is its capacity to help you control diabetes.
5. Less publicized benefit is that it can help improve your eye-sight.
6. It has good antiseptic properties.


1. It helps increase the size and fullness of breasts.
2. In cooking it is mainly used in Butter Masalas to give the dish a distinct aroma.