Kitchen & Cooking Tips

  1. Apply lemon juice to cut apples to keep them looking fresh for a longer time-avoids browning on the surface.
  2. To remove the peel easily from tomatoes-put them in boiling water and cover the vessel for 5 minutes, then just ake out one tomato at a time and poke it with a sharp knife.
  3. To avoid tears while cutting onions, cut onion into two after peeling and soak them in water for 10 minutes before proceeding with cutting them. Alternatively, you can keep them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes after peeling them.
  4. Add a little tamarind water to ensure that lady's finger does not become sticky while cooking.
  5. If pure ghee develops a bad smell, add 5% curds to eliminate that smell.
  6. To ensure that rice grains remains separate after cooking, wash rice 3-4 times and let it stand for 20 minutes to ensure that all water is drained off.  Then add a few drops of lime juice while cooking.
  7. To make any gravy thicker add little milk.
  8. To get thinner and tastier chappatis, use rice flour instead of wheat flour while rolling them.
  9.  To keep raisins fresh longer store in an air tight container in a refrigerator. In case they harden, pour very hot water over them and then dab them to remove the excess moisture.
  10. To keep coriander leaves fresh, store them in a muslin/cheese cloth bag in a refrigerator.
  11. To retain freshness in taste of ginger/garlic/chily pastes, add a teaspoon of hot oil.
  12. Remove the stems of green chilies to retain their freshness on storing.
  13.  To make good Aloo tikkies,  cool the well boiled potatoes-maybe better to refrigerate them for some time.
  14. To reduce/eliminate the odor of Mustard Oil-heat it till white smoke comes out.
  15. To prevent milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel,  add a little water at the base of the vessel.
  16. If you like crispy poories, mix a little rice flour with the wheat flour while kneading the dough.
  17. Add a little corn flour to gram flour(besan) if you like crispier pakodas.
  18. If for any reason you have not been able to soak channa/rajma overnight, soak either in boiling for one hour before cooking.
  19. For easy chopping of dry fruits, refrigerate them for an hour and dip the knife in hot water for some time before chopping.
  20. After coating your chicken before frying keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour so that the coating sticks nicely to the chicken.
  21.  To ensure that oil does not splatter while frying add a little salt to the frying pan before starting to fry.
  22. Defrost fish by soaking in milk.  This will give the taste of fresh fish.
  23. Apply vinegar on the scales of a fish to make descaling easy.
  24. To get Creamy Mashed Potato, add hot milk before mashing the potatoes.
  25. Raw potatoes absorb salt better while boiling.
  26. To reduce frying time, cutt onion/bread and let it dry for some time.  This will also reduce oil consumption during fryin.
  27. Curds can substitute tomatoes while making gravy.
  28. For cutlets, patties, croquettes-you can used powdered vermicelli or sago to get the crispness as well it will reduce oil consumption.
  29. When using green peas-boil them separately with a few crystals of sugar added to the water.  This will maintain the green color of the green peas.
  30. To ensure potatoes do not change color after cutting, soak the cut potatoes in salt water.  This will make them crispy as well when fried.
  31. Warming garlic pods will help in de-peeling them.
  32.  To get crispier onions on frying soak them in milk before frying.
  33.  Add 20% rice poha to idli rice to get softer idlis.
  34.  To avoid curdling of the gravy using curds, add salt after the curds has been cooked.
  35. A little plain/caramelized sugar can enhance the taste of your gravy.
  36. to ensure that coated fried stuff does not stick to the pan, do not preheat.