Chicken Biryani-Mumbai style is prepared in the same way as Mutton Biryani- Mumbai Style. Chicken being tender meat compared to mutton you have to use either “Leg-on” Broilers or Country chicken that take time to cook.

INGREDIENTS for Chicken Biryani (Mumbai)

Ingredients Quantity Unit Ingredients Quantity Unit
Chicken 2 KG Basmati Rice 1.5 kgs.
Onions 1.25 KG Sunflower Oil 450 gms.
(750 gms for biryani and 500 gms for the raita) Ginger Paste 200 gms.
Garlic Paste 200 gms Tomatoes 500 gms.
Coriander leaves 1 bunch Mint Leaves ½ bunch
Green Chilies 3-4 nos. Cloves 2 gms.
Cardamom 2 gms. Cinnamon 2 gms.
Curds 250 gms. Wheat flour about 1 kg.
Red Chilly Powder 60 gms. Salt to taste
Potatoes 750 gms.


1. In a kadai, heat the oil and fry the onions(750 gms) to a golden brown.
2. Strain to remove the oil.
3. In the same oil fry the potatoes(previously peeled and cut into two and washed).

4. Clean and wash the chicken with a minimum quantity of water.
5. Marinate the chicken, along with the fried potatoes, with the fried onions, strained oil, ginger garlic paste, chopped coriander and mint leaves, curds, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. Adjust the chilly and salt to taste. Let it be outside for an hour and then keep it in the fridge for about 3-4 hrs.(longer the better)
(I would prefer that the marinating be done in the morning for biryani to be prepared for dinner or the previous night if it is to be served for lunch.)

6. The vessel for cooking should be around 15 liters or a little bigger. Take out the marinated chicken approx. 1 hr. before you plan to start cooking. In the meantime soak the rice (at least for half an hour) with a tablespoon of salt.
7. Prepare medium dough out of the wheat flour; cover it with a moist cloth to avoid drying.
8. Now, in a vessel of approx.12 liters capacity, bring to boil water (filled up to ½ its capacity) with excess of salt and add rice. When the rice is cooked 90% strain it such that almost all the water is drained off.
9. Simultaneously, keep the cooking vessel with the marinated chicken on a “tava*”(this is done to ensure that no sticking takes place at the bottom of the vessel) on a high flame such that when your rice is ready this should be boiling well.
10. Add the rice and cover the vessel with the lid.
11. Reduce the flame to low. Seal the vessel with the dough.
12. When the dough cracks a bit and steam starts coming out (this will take about 1 hr), note the time and switch off the burner after 10 minutes.
13. Your chicken biryani is ready to serve along with Raita as shown in the Chennai Biryani Recipe.

* Tava is a griddle-it should be flat. the purpose of using it is to spread the heat almost uniformly through the base of the cooking vessel.

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