<p.Chicken-65, it is believed, got its name because a famous Restaurant in Chennai introduced this dry chicken dish on their Menu in the year 1965.



(Serves 5-6 adults)

Chicken: 1 kg.
Oil: sufficient to fry.
Curds: 50 gms.
Ginger Paste: 100gms.
Garlic Paste: 50 gms.
Lime Juice: 1 medium sized lemon
Salt: to taste
Red Chilly Powder: to taste
Corn Powder(optional): 25 gms.


You can use either boneless or with bones chicken. If you are using chicken with bones leaving the leg pieces cut rest of the chicken into 14-16 pieces and slit the pieces slightly with a knife for better marination.
Normally, people use red color for Chicken-65. However, I am basically against use of any synthetic colors in the preparation of food.

1. To the chicken pieces, add the lime juice, garlic paste, curds,salt and red chilly powder to your taste.
2. Take the ginger paste in a thin cloth like handkerchief and squeeze out the juice into the
chicken. To enhance the taste use can use cumin powder as well as Garam Masala powder.
3. Mix well and leave it for 1 hour. If you keep it marinated for a longer time it will taste better-but you will have to refrigerate it beyond one hour.
4. Add the corn powder(optional), to the marinated chicken, mix
well. Check for salt and chilly.
5. Heat the oil and deep fry.
Stir frying is also an option.

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