Ceylon Egg Parotha is a very tasty stuffed parotha that can be had either as a heavy snack or a full meal. Stuffing can be changed as per your choice.

INGREDIENTS for Ceylon Egg Parotha

Ingredients Quantity Unit Ingredients Quantity Unit
Sunflower Oil 40-50 gms Maida 100 gms
Baking Powder 2-3 mgms Sugar 10 gms
Eggs 4-6 nos Onion 70 gms.
Fenugreek Seeds 2-3 gms Coriander leaves 4-5 stems
Green Chilies 2-3 gms Shredded Chicken 150 gms
Red Chilly Powder 3-5 gms Salt to taste
Cumin Seeds 2-3 gms. Ginger-Garlic Paste 10 gms


(A) Stuffing:
1. Heat a little oil in a suitable vessel.
2. Fry finely chopped onions till they become slightly glazed.]
3. Add ginger-garlic paste and fry well.
4. Add chopped green chilies and fry for a minute.
5. Add Cumin seeds and red chilly powder, fry for a minute.]
6. Add the shredded chicken and required salt with a little water and cook the chicken.
Note: Tomatoes can be added to increase the quantity of the stuffing as well as change the taste. You can alsiouse black pepper powder instead of Red chilly Powder.
7. Add finely chopped coriander leaves.
(B) Parotha
1. Knead the flour with required salt, a little oil, baking powder and water/milk.
2. Allow the flour to stand for 2-3 hours.
3. Roll into small balls and roll them further into thin sheets depending on the size of your tawa.
4. Apply a little oil to the tawa and place the maida chappati on the tawa to cook it slightly.
5. Pour one beaten egg on it and spread it all over the “chppati”.
6. Place enough stuffing on the chappati and fold all the four sides to get a rectangular shape.
7. Fry on low flame on both the sides till you get a nice crispy parotha.

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