Kadhi – Yogurt based delicious Indian Gravy

Kadhi – Yogurt based delicious Indian Gravy


Kadhi is a yogurt(curd) based Indian Gravy. Like Biryani, it is part of almost all the varieties of Indian Cuisine. The recipe changes as per the region and there are some States of India that have more than one variety of Kadhi. This dish has more variations than Biryani and therefore, I have allocated a separate sub-category. In this sub-category, I will give all the possible recipes of Kadhi that I can find so that any reader who is very fond of this dish (like me)can find all the available recipes of the same dish in one place.

As it combines well with different varieties of rice preparations, the combinations varying in different regions. I will put the Recipes of those rice varieties in this section itself. There are a couple of “Kadhis” that do not strictly fall into this group because they are not yogurt based. However, since they carry the name, I will include them here.

This is a very mild and non-spicy Indian gravy. That is the reason why in some parts of India, people even enjoy drinking it.

RAGDA PATTIES (Aloo Tikki) : A delightful Snack

RAGDA PATTIES (Aloo Tikki) : A delightful Snack


Ragda Patties is basically a combination of two different preparations whose taste is enhanced by the addition of various Indian sauces called chutneys and then different garnishing to make it look very appetizing. Ragda is made of white dried peas. Many people use Chickpeas instead of white peas and that preparation is known as “Chole” and the combination is called “Chole-Tikki”. Continue reading “RAGDA PATTIES (Aloo Tikki) : A delightful Snack”

VEGETABLE BIRYANI : A delightful Rice Variety


My observation has been that most Restaurants serve Vegetble Pulao and call it Vegetable Biryani. Biryani as compared to Pulao has more masala.

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