Carrot Kheer is an easy to prepare, nutritious sweet. Its richness can be varied by altering the ingredients depending on the occasion.

INGREDIENTS for Carrot Kheer

Ingredients Quantity Unit Ingredients Quantity Unit
Carrot 1 kg Pure Ghee 50 gms
Milk 750 gms Sugar 200 gms
Almonds 25 gms Cashew Nuts 25 gms.
Raisins 10 gms


Wash and chop the carrots.
Slice Almonds and Cashew Nuts as fine as you can.
(you can add powdered cardamom if you like)
Fry well the chopped carrots in Pure Ghee.
Spread the fried carrot on a plate allowing it to cool.
Pulverize the fried carrot in a mixer grinder to a nice smooth paste.
Heat the milk. When the milk becomes warm, add the sugar and mix well till it dissolves completely.
(You can add condensed milk/khoa if you so wish)
Add the carrot paste and cook till you get the required consistency.
Add the sliced almonds and cashew nuts.
Garnish with a few strands of saffron before serving.

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