Brinjal Chutney is a very popular accompaniment for Biryanis in Tamil Nadu. It is known as “Yene Katrika” in Tamil Nadu. By itself, it is a good side dish.

Ingredients for Brinjal Chutney:

Sesame Oil: 150gms.
Mustard Seeds: 25gms.
Cumin Seeds: 25gms.
Whole Black Pepper: 25gms.
Curry Leaves: about 20-25 leaves
Brinjal (egg plant): 500gms
Red Chilly Powder: to taste
Salt: to taste
Tamarind: 100gms.
Sesame Seeds: 10gms.
Ground Nuts: 10gms
Poppy Seeds: 10gms.



Soak the tamarind in sufficient quantity of water. (Tamarind quantity can be increased to suit the degree of sourness you prefer)

Take half the quantity of mustard seeds, whole pepper, and cumin seeds, grind to fine powder.
Grind sesame seed, groundnuts, poppy seeds to a fine paste.
Remove the stems from brinjal and cut into 4 parts up to half the length of the brinjal. The brinjal selected should be purple in color and small in size. Do not cut them into pieces.


1. Heat the oil in anĀ appropriate vessel till it starts smoking.
2. Add the whole mustard seeds.
3. They will start crackling. When crackling stops, add the curry leaves and after a minute add the whole cumin seeds followed by whole pepper (precaution: when you add pepper it will start spurting and can hurt you, so be ready with a cover for the vessel and cover it immediately after putting the whole pepper).
4. After the rattling on the cover of the vessel has stopped, indicating that pepper has stopped spurting, add the slit and washed brinjal.
5. Stir and cover the vessel.
6. Stir frequently till brinjal is fully cooked.
7. Add the ground mixture of mustard, cumin, and pepper.
8. Mix well and add the paste of sesame seeds, groundnut and poppy seeds along with some water. Mix well.
9. Add strained tamarind water. Add more water to tamarind and again strain and the water to get the required quantity of gravy. (it should not become to0 thin).
10. Add red chilly powder and salt to taste.
11. Once it starts boiling, put the flame on low and allow to boil gently, without covering the vessel, till oil separates.

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